Warning: life-ruining man.

Perfect human being, everyone.

1. He loves hip-hop so much that he's released singles as a rapper.

So, yeah. This was kind of a mistake, but we'll let it pass because he's still ridiculously hot.

2. Here he is as rapper "G."

Hello there, Mr. Sexy Bedroom Eyes.

3. His favorite number is 51.

He says it's because there's a huge difference between 49 and 51, and he aims toward 51 percent of everything. In fact, he named his company 51k.

4. He has a road named after him.

It's located in Kangwon province and is 51 km long. See what they did there?

5. In fact, he's written a book called "Road."

Obviously it's deep and filled with philosophical questions and answers to life. 42?

6. He was a member of the national water polo team when he was in high school.

Explains that perfect physique. God, those shoulders. Those arms. I appreciate you.

7. He was a huge fan of Korean hip-hop duo Deux.

In fact, his love of Deux member Kim Sungjae was what brought him into modeling. He was a junior in high school when he saw a call casting extras for a denim jean commercial, found out that he'd have a chance to meet Kim, and signed up. After Kim's sudden and shocking death, the main model position went to So and effectively launched his career.

8. …and MC Hammer.

"U Can't Touch This" was his jam in high school. Na na na na, na na na na. Can't touch this!

9. One of his earliest roles was as Fruit Shop Chul Soo.

On the explosively popular sitcom Three Guys, Three Girls. So young.

10. He used to be an MC for MBC's Music Camp, Music Core's predecessor.

Edward Scissorhands called. He wants his hair back.

The '90s, ya'll.

11. Park Yong Ha was one of his best friends.

He paid for the entire funeral and mourned for days.

12. He's also good friends with comedian Jung Jun Ha.

Which is the reason he appeared on Infinite Challenge in 2011 even though he's famous for avoiding variety shows. This bromance is almost as cute as the one he has with Song Seung Hun.

13. We got to see him wearing a flower hat.

And it was adorable.

14. He owns a coffee shop.

It's located in Apgujung and called Twosome Place.

Also, I'm beginning to question why the baristas at my local Starbucks don't look like this.

15. He spent Christmas in 2012 at home drinking wine alone.

Call Gong Hyo Jin to keep you company this year. It's what we all want.

(We miss The Master's Sun already. Whydon'tyoutwojusthavebabiesinreallife)

16. Obligatory abs.

Well, you probably already knew about his abs.

17. But here is a picture of So Ji Sub holding a kitten.