(Warning: GIF-heavy!) The sizzle, the spark, the tingle — it’s all there.

Nothing matters more when these two love-bros are together. Need convincing, or a refresher, on the hot-issue couple of the moment? Look no further.

The history of their bromance, from the beginning to the present:

1. The first spark

It was 2011, during the first stage of Infinity Challenge’s third music festival. Hyung Don, who is famously known as a fashion terrorist, took a swing at GD’s outfit.

“Ji Yong, your scarf should stand out more. It’s mismatched. It would look better in blue. It would have been OK a couple of years ago. Your outfit is a bit disappointing, but you still have…confidence.”

2. “Dragon, you looking?”

Perhaps it was Hyung Don’s confidence that drew GD in.

3. No one had ever treated GD like this.

“Your outfit is just normal,” Hyung Don said, gesturing to GD during another Infinity Challenge episode a month later. “You need to meet with me one day [to change your style].”

4. “I came back this time because there’s a member I want to partner with.”

GD had just one person in his mind when he returned for another music festival with the show in 2013.

5. Even through Hyung Don’s biting derision.

“There’s no improvement,” he said of GD’s fashion. “It’s congested. His fashion is the Olympic Freeway [a famously backed-up road]. My breathing became congested the second he appeared. It’s just stifling.”

6. The moment GD took Hyung Don’s hand.

There never was any other choice.

7. GD is possessive when it comes to Hyung Don.

He went to pull Hyung Don back to his side after watching him dancing around BoA.

You have me, he’s thinking. I’m all you need.

8. “You wanna watch hyung eat?”

In GD’s eyes, Hyung Don is still lovable while stuffing food in his mouth (even with the drooling and the spitting).

9. And, like that, Infinity Challenge became We Got Married.

10. “Let’s keep an appropriate distance.”

Hyung Don still hadn’t quite opened his heart, but GD kept trying.

11. But Hyung Don’s a regular homme fatale.

“Just listen. Hyung will make the decisions. … You’re the one who’s clinging to me. I will write the lyrics and I will choose the song.”

12. Finally, the phone number exchange.

Hyung Don, playing hard to get, said he would only give him seven digits instead of eight because he doesn’t want to look too easy.

“Don’t call me until I call you,” Hyung Don said.

“How can I not call? I’m going to call every day,” GD replied.

13. As it turns out, GD is a master of the push-and-pull.

Hyung Don, a married man in his mid-thirties, felt the woes of a teenage girl — he complained that GD is only good to him when the cameras are rolling, that he’s the one calling GD every day, that GD only replies in one-word texts in response to Hyung Don’s sentences, that he’s always waiting for him to call.

When asked why he does this, GD replied, “I like it like this. I like making him fidget. … I like making him feel crazed.”

14. But GD always makes it up to him.

(skip to 6:38)

After his wins at MAMA, he made sure to placate Hyung Don’s hurt feelings during a conversation with the reporters.

“I have a personal request for Korean reporters. Jung Hyung Don keeps texting me sulking because I didn’t mention his name during my acceptance speech. I would be appreciative if the reporters could mention it.”

The reporters hilariously gave him his wish by littering news portals with articles titled in the vein of “G-Dragon dedicates the honor of his award to Jung Hyung Don” and “G-Dragon apologizes to Jung Hyung Don with a loving heart.”

15. GD will do anything for Hyung Don.

Including appearing on Hyung Don’s semi-obscure cable program Weekly Idol, a gesture that had no real benefit to his ultra-successful and already-finished album promotions and done purely out of loyalty.

16. The. Apple. Game.

17. In the end, GD is the person who keeps Hyung Don on his toes.

18. And Hyung Don is the person who makes GD laugh.

Practically a shoe-in for Best Couple at the MBC Entertainment Awards.