I could seriously write posts about why dogs are the absolute best all day long, so here's another one! A photographer named Andrew Fladeboe recently traveled to New Zealand and Norway to take pictures of dogs at their various jobs. 

And while the animals are of course adorable, Fladeboe's goal was to show that dogs have another deeper side: "The animals in our works stand on their own as sentient beings. They occupy the print with an aura of dignity and command a level of respect from the viewer. They are not anthropomorphic photos of animals, but a celebration of what these animals are for what they are." 

The project is called "The Shepherd’s Realm" and shows the various pups at their places of business, whether it be comfort dogs, shepherds, bird hunters, police dogs, or bio-security pups. The photos truly do give you a whole other level of appreciation for dogs and makes me want to go get seven of my own right now. 

1. Shepherds 



4. Search-and-Rescue-Dogs 


6. Military Dog 

7. Epilepsy Assistance Dog 

8. Police Dogs 


10. Bird Hunters 


11. Cowherder

12. Puffin Hunter 

13. Bio-Security Dog 

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14. City Search-and-Rescue Dogs


16. Therapy and Comfort Dogs 


18. Explosive Detection Dog 

19. Guide Dog For the Blind