I haven't come across the term "air guitar" for a very long time, probably at least more than five years ago. But a few days ago, an article about the most recent air guitar world championships caught my eye. The winner, for the first time in seven years, is from the Land of the Rising Sun.

19-year-old Nanami "Seven Seas" Nagura, a former idol, won the 19th annual world guitar championships in Oulu, Finland. Sure, Nanami may have had an advantage as a former idol, as performing in front of live audiences is something they're trained to do (sort of). But it wasn't like she broke the rules, and she rocked the house with her crazy moves. The prize for winning the whole thing was an actual guitar.

By the way, fourth place went to another Japanese air guitarist, Keisuke "The Ninja" Nagatsuka. GO JAPAN!!

Check her out on the video below!

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