We now have the complete series of Skip Beat on DramaFever. In addition to the 8 Reasons to watch Skip Beat, I have found 2 extra reasons to enjoy this delightful live-action adaptation where rising stars Ivy Chen, Choi Si Won, and Lee Dong Hae brought the manga characters vividly to life. (Warning: SPOILERS)

1. The adorable kiss scene was not in the manga, and it was only added to the series after very insistent and strong demands from the audience. Here's a very nice fan-made video of that scene.

2. Before the kiss scene was added, there was a hilarious interview where the director talked about considering the kiss scene, and then he jokingly said that maybe he would add a kiss between Siwon and Donghae, the two Super Junior idols.

Watch how quickly Siwon reacted with an even funnier remark. This video is subbed in English, but keep in mind that the interview was conducted in Chinese and Siwon's quick-witted answer was spoken in Chinese

Did you catch that?

See Jung Il Woo fight ghosts and monsters in his quest to become the rightful ruler of Joseon in The Night Watchman’s Journal

BONUS Video:

When I first wrote 8 Reasons to watch Skip Beat, I talked about the opening theme song, "S.O.L.O.," winning Best Drama OST in Taiwan's HITO music awards for 2013. I have since found an English subbed video that has the translated lyrics. The lyrics are actually displayed on the opening scenes for every episode, but now you can watch it in English.

I hope you have enjoyed watching Skip Beat, and if you haven't, it's definitely worth a try.

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