We have 2 new trailers for Lee Min Ho's highly-anticipated drama FAITH! The first trailer focuses on the new show's pedigree. With all the talk about Lee Min Ho, you might not know that FAITH is from the famous writer-director team behind SANDGLASS, a definitive Korean drama classic* from the early days of Hallyu. That's a good sign!

In trailer #2, we get a lot more of LMH and Kim Hee Sun in action (are those light sabers??) If you've seen a lot of historical dramas (and this year's hearty crop of time-travel stories), you might think you know what to expect. But think again, SBS says "this will be like no other historic drama ever." EVARRRR! We can't wait! FAITH comes to DramaFever on August 14th, but until then feast your eyes on our HUGE collection of behind the scenes pics and more here on the DramaFever blog and on the DramaFever Facebook page! *For all you Korean drama history nerds, SANDGLASS was such a huge cultural event that A GENTLEMAN'S DIGNITY referenced it in this flashback scene where the guys gather to watch the last episode and bawl their eyes out! What do you guys think of the new trailers? Does it make you more or less excited to watch FAITH?