If you're a cat person, this post will make your life. For some reason, it seems like posing with kittens is a must on every K-drama actor's checklist. The number of hot man/cute cat photos out there is astounding, and we have compiled 20 favorites for you. If you're having a bad day or feeling glum about winter, these pictures are sure to cheer you up in no time!

1. Song Joong Ki

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Okay, it's only the first image, and I already squealed out loud when I saw this. Song Joong Ki with a dancing cat might just be the best thing that exists in this world.

2. Hyun Bin

The hint of scruff says he's a bad boy, but the kitten says he's a big ole softie.

3. Park Shi Hoo

I want to snuggle my face into that kitty's face. Or Park Shi Hoo's face. Whichever.

4. Jaejoong

Jaejoong and his cat Jiji are BFFs.

5. Heechul

Speaking of guys who love their cats, you also have Heechul and his buddy Heebum. Here they are with Siwon the day before Heechul left for the military:

6. Siwon

Heechul's affection for furry friends must have been contagious.

7. Lee Jong Suk

If you Google "Lee Jong Suk kitten," you end up with a wonderful, cuddly plethora of photo options. Try it. You won't be sorry.

When a prosecutor discovers he has months to live, can he turn his life around and tear down corruption? Find out in the gripping melodrama Punch:

8. L

The juxtaposition of L's excited face against the cat's unimpressed face is classic.

9. Taecyeon

Is this kitty related to the Okcat?

10. Shin Ha Kyun

Awww, precious. And a massive improvement over some of this other photo concepts.

11. So Ji Sub

Can we all pause and bask in the glory of that pink cat hoodie?

12. Yoo Ah In

I feel like he and the cat are having a smolder-off. Whoever blinks first loses.

13. Yoo Yun Suk

Sigh. All it takes is Yoo Yun Suk playing with a cuddly kitten to make allllll of my Answer Me 1994 Chilbongi feels resurface.

14. Song Jae Rim

"Hey, girl. I didn't see you there. I was just lounging here with my felines."

15. Yoo Seung Ho

I feel like they're having a moment. It's best not to interrupt.

16. Lee Hong Ki

I am having a VERY hard time pinpointing the most adorable thing in this photo. Hongki also snuggled a white kitty in Bride of the Century!

17. Eric Moon

Throwback kitty!

18. Yoon Hyun Min

Classy man with a classy cat.

19. Lee Joon

I admit that I am the teensiest bit jealous of that kitten right now.

20. Lee Min Ho

This is what I like to call the "allergy-friendly cat photo."

And, just for fun, here's one for all of the dog lovers out there. It's our puppy Lee Seung Gi with a puppy!

Allergic to fur? How about one for the birds with Yoon Si Yoon?

If you still can't get enough of the cuteness and want to see more puppies, check out this list of hot stars with baby animals. Who was your favorite? Are you a cat person? If not, do these photos make you like cats more? Comment below!

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