Yoo Seung Ho may only be 22 years old, but having launched his acting career at age six in his first commercial, the talented star of Remember may well be considered a veteran actor. These 12 early photos and stills of Yoo Seung Ho modeling and acting prove that he had the same charming looks and natural ability from a very young age!

1. Yoo Seung Ho was a natural-born model, as you can see from these early advertisements featuring him alongside K-pop group Boyfriend's Jo Kwangmin.

2. Look at how adorable baby Yoo Seung Ho is here! How could you not cast him if you were a casting director?

3. He had the most perfect round little face, pouty lips, and beautiful eyes as a child! 

4. He got his big acting break after starring in the 2002 movie The Way Home. Aww, can I take him home with me? 

5. No wonder he was then cast alongside a young Lee Min Ho in the fantasy drama Magic Warrior Mir & Gaon.

6. And whoever thought of casting him alongside an adorable puppy in the movie Heart Is... was genius!

7. It was double the cuteness when he played the brother of a young Kim Yoo Jung in Do you see Seoul? in 2008 

8. How sweet is his smile in this photo with fellow child actor Kwak Jung Wook

9. When Yoo Seung Ho starred with Park Eun Bin in Operation Proposal, it wasn't the first time the two child stars worked together. They got their start together modeling for Parparino Jeans.

10. And then later playing love interests in Legend.

11. Looks like Yoo Seung Ho made his rounds with all the other young Korean stars of the time. Here he is modeling with Suli from f(x). 

12. It seems that Yoo Seung skipped an awkward phase all together in his middle school and high school years, as you can see from these handsome school photos! 

It's easy to see why Yoo Seung Ho has had such a long and successful career from such a young age! Which of these childhood photos is your favorite? 

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