People Magazine has passed its verdict on the Sexiest Man Alive, and this year they have declared Chris Hemsworth the winner. I can't deny that Chris Hemsworth is indeed a sexy, sexy man, but I also can't help but think that the judges did not have enough information to make an informed decision. I present for their consideration the following Asian actors who stand a chance of one-upping Chris in the sexy game.

1. Daniel Henney

2. Rain

3. Roy Chiu

4. Choi Siwon

5. Hyun Bin

6. Aaron Yan

7. So Ji Sub

8. Choi Jin Hyuk

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9. Miura Haruma

10. Kim Soo Hyun

11. Lan Cheng Long

12. Gong Yoo

13. Vanness Wu

14. T.O.P

15. Song Seung Hun

16. Lee Min Ho

17. Cha Seung Won

18. Han Jung Soo

19. Kwon Sang Woo

20. Godfrey Gao

See, I told you that you didn't have all the sexy facts! 

Who do you think could beat out Chris Hemsworth for Sexiest Man of the Year? Did I miss anyone? Comment below!