Every time we true K-drama lovers watch a cliched but cute scene, we can't help but wish that it would happen to us in real life. We already mentioned 20 K-drama wishes we've all had, but there are so many more! Here are 20 more things that every K-drama addict wishes for.

21. Why do all the K-drama female leads eat ridiculous amounts and yet are so tiny, like in Boys Over Flowers? It's not fair and I wish I could do that! 

22. Sometimes it seems like K-dramas like Lie To Me are just one big tourism advertisement for Jeju Island. Well, they work and I have definitely added a romantic island vacation to my travel wish list!

23. Raise your hand if you've always wanted to try a Korean spa like the ones in K-dramas! And wear the adorable towel bun hats like the ones in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

24. Before I started watching K-dramas, I always thought it was weird and cheesy for couples to feed each other, but I have to admit that now I kind of love it! (From Jeju Island Gatsby)

25. Remember how cute this late night phone call was in Coffee Prince? Aww, I wish Gong Yoo would call me up to tell me he misses me at night! 

26. Laughter is key to healthy relationships, and the best romances are built on friendships like the one in Secret Garden!

27. I'm not really sure where this type of scene originated, and it seemed a little awkward the first time I saw one, but now the sexy shaving moments, like this one in Pinocchio, actually look really hot! 

28. There's nothing better than waking up next to a cuddly, warm person you love, like in Secret Garden!

29. Every girl needs to hear these magical words now and then! (From Mask)

30. Love that overcomes all obstacles seems like such an intense and real experience! (From My Love Eun Dong

31. Don't romantic sunsets just make you wistfully sigh? Everyone could use one in their lives now and then! (From My Love Eun Dong)

32. Ok, so usually when it rains I am frantically running inside to keep my hair from getting wet, but I wouldn't mind at all if the downpour included a hot kiss! (From My Love Eun Dong)

33. This could be either cute or creepy depending on who is doing the adoring, but everyone longs to be looked at with love! (From The Time I Loved You, 7000 Days)

34. Whether it's teaching someone pool, golf, or the violin, any excuse to touch your love interest is a good excuse! (From Mask)

35. Most people have that one friend who they always wondered what it would have been like if they had become their romantic partner! (From The Time I Loved You, 7000 Days)

36. Why is it that K-drama ladies always look so pretty even when there are tears streaming down their face? Not fair! (From Mask)

37. Korean karaoke looks like the funnest thing ever! Don't you wish you could go to one like in Oh My Ghostess?

38. There's something so adorable about doing simple and even juvenile things with your love interest, like going to the playground together! (From Oh My Ghostess)

39. You know a guy is really into it when he wants to take a selfie with you! (From Oh My Ghostess)

40. This is one of those classic K-drama scenes that I would fly around the world to experience! (From Lie To Me)

Which of these K-drama moments do you wish would happen to you? Are there any other things you've wished for since seeing them over and over again in K-dramas? Comment below!

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