Cats. Is there any nook, cranny, or corner of the Internet where you can't find cats? (The answer is no. LOL) In celebration of our fine feline friends, Bored Panda had a poll this month where readers were encouraged to submit photos and vote on the top 20 fluffiest cats in the world. The final list was a work of sheer awesomeness. 

Here are the finalists and how they placed in order of votes, so tell us if you agree!

#20. Like a boss. (Good luck with brushing that.) Source: Домнин Игорь / Domnin Igor

#19. Norwegian Forest tomcat Ulrich, who is the size of an average 3-year-old child, has been put on a crash diet by his owners in the U.K. (He loves biscuits.) Source:

#18. A 9-week-old blue smoke Persian kitten. Aw. Source:

#17. This Norwegian Forest cat takes "fluffy" to a whole new level. His owner made sure to mention that he's not a fat cat -- he's quite thin underneath all that shag. Source: Mr_Nap_kins

#16. Is there a Himalayan cat somewhere in this cloud? My goodness! Source: Woozles

#15. My personal favorite. Do not piss off Pompous Albert a.k.a. Mr. Grinch (he's a Selkirk Rex). Just... don't. Source: pompous.albert

#14. Keeping its owner's shoulder warm... Source: leavesandpumpkins

#13. Is it a cat, a rug, or a dust mop? Source: gp133

#12. "We didn't do it, we promise," said the British Longhairs. Sure you didn't. :) Source: linkinstreet

#11. This extra curly Selkirk Rex named Lady Ga Ga is quite possibly the cutest thing ever. Source: cybergata

#10. Make way for Sygmond the Grey, master of all he surveys! Source: Kaptive8

#9. Oh, my! How gorgeous is Mille the Norwegian Forest cat? Source: kryptoparty

#8. This white Persian named Brimley not only has fluff, but a 'stash and smile to boot. Source: TheFunkyMonk

#7. Siberian cat Tyoma's got that serious "Immabout to hunt me something" look. Source: AllLebedev

#6. Looks like the heat gave somebody a blow-out (is there a cat in there?). SourceKiloueka

#5. It's a bird... it's a plane... no, it's über-fluff! Source: laurackreddit

#4. It'll take a lot more snow than this to penetrate the coat of this regal Norwegian Forest cat. Source: novovo

#3. As a Bored Panda reader commented, the Fluff is definitely strong with this cat. Source: Dan Burn-Forti

#2. There's a kitten busy cleaning its little paws somewhere in this gray puffball. Source: Brivee

#1. The winna! Blue-eyed Birman beauty Minttu. Source: Thunderi

As far as I can tell, 200+ cats were entered in the poll, and all of them should have been. It couldn't have been easy narrowing them down. If you'd like, you can see them all on Bored Panda HERE

In the meantime, I'll end with my second favorite of the poll, #29, an entry I lovingly call... Camouflage Cat! (Where'd he go?)

May the Fluff be with you.

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