(And why you wish you could date him too) 1. He brings her flowers in his best suit with his cutest little bow tie. img_20121006222617   2. He brings her big red heart lollipops and gazes lovingly into her eyes. url-1 3. He looks good in doctor garb while he checks her temperature and vitals and takes care of her when she's sick. 46 4. He looks good in turtlenecks when it's winter time and they snuggle up in sweaters together. htm_200911081235010201000002010800001-001 5. Seriously, he really looks damn good in turtlenecks. I mean, how many people do you know can look this hot in a turtleneck while making this pose? You can try it...or just TRUST me when I say VERY FEW can. -__- 201111071227491001_1 6. He looks good dressed up too, Lee Chung Ah would have fun helping him out of this... JR29dS43 7. Ahem, and he looks good dressed down ED73SL15 8. He looks good in military uniform! Lee Chung Ah loves that he's got that military experience and can fight for her! htm_200911181145170201000002010700d4d-001 9. Lee Ki Woo is also very good with animals. kkiru1023_2675243871218973976 10. And babies. leekiwoo-n2-2007.05.30 11. And pretty much everything else on the planet including bikes. "Hey babe, wanna be my ride or die girl? Go on, get on with me," he'll say to Chung Ah as they ride his motorcycle off into the sunset. He even has a special helmet for her (pictured here) TA_2008-12-12.15-51-41-1   12. Shhh don't tell anyone but Lee Ki Woo is also freakin' artistic too and can take professional pictures of Lee Chung Ah all day long---shes his MUSE obviously. (She never has to pay for headshots!) 03_lune7778 13. In addition to taking pictures of her he'll do her laundry too including hand washing all her delicates and hanging them out to air-dry. (No more ruined bras!!) url-2 14. He fixes all the lightbulbs in the house too. Honey, you don't have to lift a finger! lightbulb 15. Annnnd Lee Ki Woo cooks. DUH. His specialty is ramyun. 561334_1 16. He particularly likes to cook with nothing but an apron on. Hey, you gotta have SOME protection, alright! There's a lot of hot grease involved in cooking! We wouldn't want his godly naked body to get burnt! Lee Chung Ah approves of this outfit. 1003426145 17. She also likes him cause he's the sexiest guy in the sauna. (Umm...why is Lee Chung Ah so shallow? Hey guys, i'm just the messenger okay...CLEARLY) url-3 18. Lee Chung Ah also told me that uh... 1090545067 19. Yup... 7rmv9n385fmfjjv8s0sk And that too. 20. But on a totally serious note, he cleans her face, ties her hair, and gazes lovingly into her eyes. What's there not to like?!?! lee-chung-ah-1 lee-chung-ah url-4 ramen-lee-ki-woo-lee-chung-ah-seduce Yep, Lee Ki Woo, we want to date you too. stand-by_0022_2m_1350_0 But since Lee Chung Ah beat us to it, we'll just put on our girlfriend coat and pretend like someone's hugging us to sleep. #FOREVERALONE article-0-192C8BF7000005DC-745_634x422 We wish the newly public couple all the best! (Though we can't say we'd be DEVASTATED if they somehow didn't work out and he became single and then we um, maybe took her place).   (PS. If you thought this was funny, see my post on our date with Song Joong Ki!)