Do you ever wish your life was like a K-drama with all its sweet, romantic, over-the-top, and dramatic moments? Well, you're not alone! Here are 20 things that every K-drama fan has wished for while watching classic K-drama scenes. 

1. How cute was this teddy bear gift in School 2015 or Pig Rabbit in You're Beautiful? For some reason, Korean girls can get away with having stuffed animals on their beds way longer than Americans, and it kind of makes me jealous! 


2. As much as it probably wouldn't be that fun in real life, K-drama love triangles make having two hot guys fight over you, like in School 2015, look like the best time ever! 

3. This seems to happen in every K-drama, but it's never happened to me. I kind of wish I had a really good excuse for skinship with a cute boy like Yoochun in Sensory Couple

4. Maybe this wouldn't turn out as great in real life as it does in K-dramas, but they make piggy back rides, like the one in Sensory Couple, look so fun and romantic, even when the girl is passed out drunk!  

5. How romantic would it be to share an umbrella in the rain with someone like Kim Soo Hyun in Producer? This always makes the guy seem like the sweetest boy in the world!

6. Ok, so I don't really need a guy to tie my shoe in real life, but it does seem like such an attentive and caring thing to do, like this moment in Producer

7. Aren't K-drama love confessions so epic? Even when they are by the sad second male lead, like in School 2015. Just once in my life it would be amazing to have such a straightforward declaration of love! 

8. Back hugs are one of the most tender and sweet forms of physical intimacy, and they are always so perfectly placed in K-dramas, even when they are imaginary like this one in Sensory Couple. I need one in my life now!  

9. Yeah, accidental kisses are ridiculous and usually end in awkward or disastrous moments, like this one in You're Beautiful, but how awesome would it be if your lips were magically drawn towards your crush's lips in real life?  

10. Isn't this what everyone really wants in life — someone to lovingly take care of them when they don't feel good? This moment in Blood made me wish it would happen to me! 

11. Yeah, it's fun to go shopping with your girlfriends or by yourself, but seeing a guy's face light up when he sees you looking so beautiful (not to mention when he insists on buying it for you), like this scene in Sensory Couple, is priceless.  

12. Awwww! Sometimes it's simply vegging out in your pj's with your loved one, like this moment in Personal Taste, that is the most romantic!

13. Maybe I live in a tiny apartment for now, but a girl can dream about meeting a rich chaebol and getting to move into a beautiful house like they have in Secret Garden!

14.These small private moments, like this beautiful scene in Mask, are so romantic and are something every girl longs for!

15. Rooftop kiss under the stars or city lights, like this one in Master's Sun? Yes, please! 

16. This is yet another romantic moment that would likely end in disaster in real life, but it doesn't mean I wouldn't be willing to try riding a bike with my lover like they do in Scent of a Woman!

17. Mmmm, who doesn't love hot food prepared by hot hands? Every time there's a handsome chef in a K-drama, like Jeju Island Gatsby, I just add that to my long wish list!

18. So much emotion bursting out in such a cute and passionate kiss, like this one in Sensory Couple, is what we all want to feel in real life!

19. Someone is always falling asleep on their love interest's shoulder in K-dramas like Producer, and I always want it to happen to me too! 

20. Sometimes we all just need a good cry, and it would be so amazing to have someone you love be there for you and assure you that everything is going to be ok, like in Mask

Which of these K-drama moments do you wish would happen to you? Are there any other things you've wished for since seeing them over and over again in K-dramas? Comment below! 

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