Have you ever imagined what life would be like without Kdrama and Kpop? Obviously there was life before the two, but who even remembers?

Kdrama and Kpop really do fill voids in your life you never knew you had, they open your eyes to new things, and the old things you always grew up with have become reinvented with your favorite drama and Kpop references. Every day you mingle with people who don’t live in your “K World” and worst, they don’t even know it exists! What if you were still one of those people?! This list is exactly how your life would be if you had never discovered Kdrama or Kpop.

20. BIGBANG is really just a science theory and tv show to you.

19. You’re Beautiful is just a phrase some creepy guy whispered to you the other night at the club.

18. These are still the only guys you’ve ever known to sing and wear makeup.

17. The only “KARA” you know is the cheerleader from the Minnesota Vikings and you probably don't know her either.

16. "Minho" is a fish, nothing more.

15. You have actually heard of, listened to, and know songs from this year’s artists at the VMA’s, and YOU LIKED IT!

14. “2PM” is just a late lunch.

13. The only “Jeremy” you know was that kid on Baywatch who ended up on Celebrity Rehab.

12. One Direction is the ONLY boy band.

11. Famous Korean people? You only know two.

10. “SHINee” is what the mirror you just squirted Windex on looks like.

9. You have NO idea what this shirt means.

8. Gangnam Style is just a song. You don’t actually know it’s a location in Seoul.

7. BEAST is just that Disney cartoon.

6. Yes, the Infinity sign. You've only seen it in math class.

5. When someone says Rain you reach for an umbrella, not an oxygen tank.

4. Wooo! You’re 2NE1 time to drink! Your only thoughts.

3. True Blood is the only vampire themed television show you know of.

2. You live in a world where “selfies” of Justin Bieber are super popular. You’ve never even heard of a “selca.”

1. You know F4, it’s just that button on your keyboard.

Aren't you happy this isn't really your life? Don't ever take the K-World for granted. Watch as many Kdramas and Kpop videos as possible and laugh in the faces of those who just don't understand.

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE