It's a parent's dream come true when your youngster or teenager is not glued to the phone, TV, or games. About 200 people entered China's first "Blank Stare Contest," which required them to not move and only stare blankly ahead without facial expressions. What was the prize that made them willingly stare blankly for hours?

On November 18, the first-ever "Blank Stare Contest" in China was held in Chengdu. The participants' ages ranged from less than 10 to 70. For several hours, they could not move, smile, or sleep. All they could do was to stare blankly ahead. And of course they could not use any cell phone to pass the time.

Yes, for the prize of a new Apple iPhone 6, you could get people to do almost anything. However, organizers for the "Blank Stare Contest" said their goal is to encourage people to relieve stress by reducing extra thoughts in their minds. They want people to find joy in a slower-paced life again.

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Some people dropped out when the temperature dropped. After more than 4 hours, only about a dozen were left sitting in the dusk. To speed up the competition, a new rule was devised that contestants could not even blink. The final winner was a 24-year-old housewife. 

The whole idea actually sounds very Zen Buddhist to me. These days, from the moment we wake till we sleep again, we spend our day being very busy and very attached to modern inventions like smartphones or PCs. And yet we are still stressed out and short on time. Scientists have even studied to show that daydreaming is an activity that's conducive to creative ideas and brainstorming, but we have less and less time for such leisure now.

Would you spend a few precious hours of your time participating in a "Blank Stare Contest"?

Congratulations to the winner, who can now stare for hours at her new iPhone 6.

(photos: news.163, sina)