Ok, we all make funny faces before we sneeze, but rarely do we get to see photos of what cats look like when they sneeze, and it is absolutely the best.

The photos below are something that will definitely make your day better, and make you appreciate the fact that cats are such funny sneezers. The hilarious poses make the adorable cats look like part animal, part vampire, and part very confused. In a lot of the images, the cats look like they are just annoyed, but no matter what mood they may have been in, the animals all end up looking entirely hilarious.

1. Fighting the sneeze pose.

2. This cat is so dressy about his sneezes.


4. This cat is thinking, "I will sneeze on your camera, and then laugh."


6. This guy is more of a painful sneezer.

7. Ahhhhh! It's a vampire sneeze!

8. The "my body can be confused as a mop" sneeze.

9. The "relax and enjoy a beer" sneeze.


11. Photo bomb sneeze!

12. This is the "I will punch the sneeze away" sneeze.

13. This cat is either sneezing or going through a really bad breakup.

14. The "do I only have one eye?" sneeze

15. The ole one-eyed pirate sneeze.




19. The "I almost threw up" sneeze.


21. The "I have been watching too many horror movies" sneeze.

The owners of the cats should also be applauded for capturing such great images of their furry pets!