The next time that I find myself complaining about things that aren't important (which is way more than I care to say), I'm going to remind myself of Hu Huiyuan. The 21-year-old woman's story is so remarkable that it's hard to even fathom. 

The young woman lives in Anhui province in China and has cerebral palsy. But that hasn't stopped her from writing 60,000 words of a novel using only her left foot. If you're as blown away by this story as I am, now consider that she never had any formal education. 

Hu Huiyuan learned how to do daily tasks with her foot at a young age, and she was able to pick up the nuances of language by watching TV with subtitles. And now, the young writer averages about 20-30 words per minute on the keyboard. 

Her novel focuses on love and following your dreams, and many netizens have expressed interest in her work. She plans on finishing the novel by writing two more chapters. 

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