If there's one thing I definitely struggle with besides getting mediocre haircuts, it's pronouncing things correctly. And I particularly have a hard time saying the names of countries and places the right way.

That's I'm really thankful for Abhisek Das at Thrillophilia for making this incredibly helpful pronunciation guide for famous places, cities, and countries. The guide is very user-friendly as it's divided by the way we normally pronounce things and the proper way to say it. 

For example, the cover image at the top of the page is for Phuket, Thailand, and the author divides it into the wrong way to say it "Foo-kit," "Fuh-ket" and the correct way, "Poo-get."

Some of the correct pronunciations will probably come as a surprise to you, and the guide will most definitely be helpful to all of us, especially when we travel. 

1) Worcester, UK   

2) Melbourne, Australia 

3) Yosemite Park, USA 

4) Qatar 

5) Iraq 

6) Kissimmee, USA 

7) Via Dolorosa, Jerusalem 

8) La Jolla, USA 

9) Pakistan 

10) Colombia 

11) Montreal, Canada 

12) Niger

13) Brisbane, Australia 

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14) Budapest, Hungary 

15) Worcestershire, UK 

16) The River Thames, UK 

17) Beijing, China 

18) Dubai 

19) Bangkok, Thailand 

20) Reykjavik, Iceland 

21) Versailles, France 

22) Helena, USA 

23) Lafayette, USA