Lee Min Ho has been photographed probably more times than can be imagined, but photos of him with pouting lips are especially endearing to his adoring fans. When Lee Min Ho was asked about this phenomenon, he answered candidly that he didn't even know he had a pouting habit until he realized fans were collecting those photos. Here is a collection of 25 photos.

In an October 2014 interview, Lee Min Ho said, "Actually I never realized I had this habit, but suddenly a lot of my fans started collecting many photos of me pouting my lips. That's when I realized I have this habit. I never even thought that I was cute." He then added that since he's not a great dancer, he would have thought watching him dance would look cute to the fans.

Here is a collection of 25 photos from various occasions. Some are from interviews, some are from fan meets, and others are from his concert appearances, Most of them are taken by fans. The very last one is even a selfie that the perfect man took recently.

1. At the press conference for Dragon TV's 2015 new year program:

Meeting fans:




At the RE:Minho concert:




8. Sweaty and pouting:

More fan meets:



11. Promoting Tenwow Tea:

12. Dressed up:

13. "Faith" days?

Watch Lee Min Ho in the historical series Faith:

14. City Hunter hair?

Bonus GIF:

15. The funny pool scene in Boys Over Flowers:

16. Was this in the show, or behind the scenes?

17. So cute!

Promoting Gangnam Blues (Gangnam 1970) movie:



20. Asleep or thinking?

21. What?

22: Even when standing between his co-stars Jung Jin Young and Kim Rae Won:

23. Paying attention:


25. Here's a happy selfie with Gangnam Blues co-star Jung Jin Young:

What do you think? Isn't Lee Min Ho cute when he pouts?

I'm sure many of you have even more of his pouting photos. Would you like to share? You can post a link in the comments section or send me a tweet.

~ NancyZdramaland

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