Answer Me 1988 has become a ratings juggernaut in Korea, smashing records for a cable series and catapulting its cast of young actors into increased stardom. For a series so heavily based in friendship, it's always nice to see the cast members enjoying time together even when the cameras aren't rolling. Here are 25 fun photos of the cast members playing around between takes.

From Hyeri's Instagram

1. The core friend group: Deok Sun (Hyeri), Dong Ryong (Lee Dong Hwi), Sun Woo (Go Kyung Pyo), Jung Hwan (Ryu Joon Yul), and Taek (Park Bo Gum)

2. Hyeri and Jung Bong (Ahn Jae Hyun)


4. I can't even handle all of these bright smiles!

5. This photo is everything.


From Ryu Joon Yul's Instagram:

7. Do you like how Ryu Joon Yul and Park Bo Gum are always equally close to Hyeri? Pretty sure they're trying to avoid implying who wins the eternal love triangle they have going on.

8. This one of him getting tips for the romantic bus scene cracks me up. The caption reads, "More than love, sir."

From Park Bo Gum's Twitter:



11. I want to join their snuggling!

From Go Kyung Pyo's Instagram:


From Lee Dong Hwi's Instagram:



From Ryu Hye Young's Instagram (She has TONS of cast photos, but these are just a few of my favorites!):



17. With eternal momma Lee Il Hwa

18. And dad (Sung Dong Il) and baby bro No Eul (Choi Sung Won)

From Ahn Jae Hong's Instagram:

19. The whole family!

From Lee Min Ji's Instagram:

20. The surprise couple that captured our hearts:

From Lee Se Young's Instagram:

21. This one's so sweet!

Let's close out the list with a bunch of pics of everyone's favorite little sister — Jin Joo!





As a bonus, you should watch this adorable video of Ryu Joon Yul and Rye Hye Young playing with Kim Sul, the actress who plays Jin Joo. Did my ovaries just explode from cuteness overload? Quite possibly.

Who's your favorite Answer Me 1988 cast member? Did you enjoy the photos? Share your thoughts in the comments, and check out Answer Me 1988 below!