Big Bang is having a big year — completing the BIGANG: MADE Tour winning awards, and turning out some exciting new music. BIGBANG's resident rapper, T.O.P has been doubly busy. He stars in a new drama, Secret Message, with Japanese actress Ueno Juri, airing now on DramaFever. Get to know this charismatic and complex leading man with these 25 fascinating facts! 

1. He’s living out his childhood dream.

In an interview with Fuse, T.O.P admitted he’s wanted to be a rapper since he was just 11 years old.

2. He enjoys a good bottle of wine - or twelve!

During a group appearance on "Happy Together," Seungri described T.O.P's love of good wine - saying he once brought a dozen bottles to a dinner at Taeyang's home. T.O.P admitted he doesn't hold his drink as well as he did in his early 20's. 

3. He's great at doing impressions. 

While he can mimic most of his fellow band members, he also does a spot-on impression of veteran Korean actor Yoon Mun Sik. He gives an example during "Happy Together." According to T.O.P, Yoon Mun Sik even commended him for how well he can impersonate him!

4. He wasn’t always a confident dancer.

Even though you can catch him busting some impressive moves on stage and behind the scenes these days, in the docu-series BIGBANG the Beginning you see T.O.P’s ongoing struggles with dancing and choreography. It even leaves him wondering if he’ll make the cut when it comes time to select the final five members of Big Bang.

5. He doesn't like to show a lot of skin.

More than one interviewer has noticed T.O.P’s proclivity for long pants and sleeves – even during warm weather. T.O.P says it's just his style. Too bad for the rest of us! 

6. He is inspired by art and design.

T.O.P shares his passion with his millions of Instagram followers, posting lots of diverse art pics and videos.  He also channels Dutch artist Piet Mondrian with this suit, designed for the MADE Tour.

7. He still gets nervous.

During T.O.P’s hilarious “Guerilla Date,” he visits a women’s university. He says interacting with all the female co-eds is more nerve-wracking than being on stage!

8. He says his busy schedule can be exhausting.

During his "Guerilla Date" interview, he talks about his film "Commitment." He said working two jobs - as a musician and actor - could be exhausting, draining him of his energy. That led him to spend quite a bit of time at home by himself. 

9. He contributed to the concept of his “Doom Dada” music video.

T.O.P told Fuse Music he wanted the video to be like a cult film with an interesting story. 

10. He’s easily distracted.

During one of Big Bang’s group appearances on Running Man, Daesung scolds T.O.P for spending too much time looking at museum displays instead of hiding from their opponents. Don't they know T.O.P can't be asked to pass up a good museum? 

11. He says he prefers music over acting.

In his Fuse interview, T.O.P claimed he prefers music because it’s how he debuted, but he always commits 100% to whatever project he's working on.

12. He appreciates his family.

Big Bang cleaned up at the 2015 MelOn Music Awards, taking home 4 trophies. During his acceptance speech on behalf of the band, T.O.P took extra time to thank his parents, and all the member's parents, for their many years of support.

13. He’s good with his hands.

T.O.P appeared with the cast of his film, Tazza 2 for an Entertainment Weekly interview last year. He says he mastered Go/Stop and handling Hwatu cards when the cast trained for months before filming began.

14. He’s considered sexy on an international level…

Rolling Stone Magazine listed T.O.P among 2013’s Hottest Sex Symbols on their website, calling him a “handsome, stylish, talented multi-threat.”

15. …but he doesn’t necessarily agree.

T.O.P was named “Sexiest Male Musician” in a Fuse poll last year, as well, but he admitted during an interview with Fuse that, while flattered, he's not exactly trying to be a sex symbol.

16. He doesn’t mind his nickname.

His band mates – and now many VIP’s – refer to T.O.P as “Bingu T.O.P.” Daesung explained during an interview that it means T.O.P sometimes does “stupid things.” During his “Guerilla Date” appearance, T.O.P admitted he doesn’t mind, because he likes lightening the mood when things get too serious.

17. He isn't necessarily ready to "fall in love"...

...but suggested during his "Guerilla Date" that when he does - he'll love with "passion." and be fully committed. 

18. He listens to lots of different types of music. 

In "BIGBANG the Beginning," T.O.P lists some rap and R&B artists he likes, but he's also shared images of music and musicians on his Instagram - from British rockers Pink Floyd to French songstress Edith Piaf! 

19. He knows how to compliment a lady.

T.O.P and Park Shin Hye appeared as co-models in a campaign for an outerwear company. They sat down for an interview together, and T.O.P complimented Shin Hye's singing - he was so charming, he made her blush! She even called it the nicest compliment she's ever received. 

20. He doesn't take his work too seriously.

During his "Guerilla Date" interview, T.O.P admitted YG, the company he's signed to, is really just a job. He first gave the interviewer his television-ready answer - calling the company "his family." The change of heart was all in good fun - and gave them both a good laugh.

21. He interacts with fans.

Millions of Instagram followers watch the comment threads on T.O.P's posts, knowing he will occasionally respond to fans questions and comments. 

22. He’s a great spokesman.

T.O.P has appeared as the face for a number of high profile brands, including Cass Beer and Reebok. He even shot this short film for Calvin Klein! 

23. He loves his work.

You can see the enthusiasm every time T.O.P steps into the recording studio. He speaks often of his passion for what he does, and for continuing to share his interests in talents for many years to come - during his MelOn acceptance speech, he told fans he hopes Big Bang will still make music for another thirty years! 

24. He’s happy to take on the role of "hyung."

During Big Bang’s interview on “Happy Together” earlier this year, the band tells lots of stories about their years together. You can tell T.O.P is used to being the oldest – often (good naturedly) scolding maknae Seungri.

25. He’s a good athlete.

Big Bang made an appearance on “Running Man” this year to promote MADE, and T.O.P did not disappoint with his athletic skills. Check him out on the basketball court!

Get more T.O.P in his new drama "Secret Message" right here on Dramafever!