Between Halloween, Comic-Con, and all those crazy anime conventions, there are plenty of opportunities to take part in some great anime cosplay. Some people go all out and really put a lot of time and money into creating amazing costumes. Others, however, stick to the basics. Here are some of those not-so-great costumes that we’re all tempted to wear anyway.

1) L—Death Note

The last resort. When you can’t find anything to wear, just go with what you woke up in.

2) Usagi Tsukino—Sailor Moon

This is a classic…meaning if you’re still wearing this, watch some new anime.

3) Goku—Dragon Ball Z

Why is it always Super Saiyan, dude?

4) The Light Music Club—K-On!

Con: adults dressed as schoolgirls are creepy. Pro: the theme song is ridiculously catchy.

5) Yusuke—YuYu Hakusho

Yes, he died trying to save a kid from an accident…but he also thinks he’s Rambo in the jungle with all that green.

6) Faye Valentine—Cowboy Bebop

The only thing more obscene than the costume is that male cosplayers wear it more than females.

7) Ippo Makunouchi—Hajime No Ippo

Technically nothing weird with boxer shorts, but please, please, please—have the abs for it.

8) Shotaru Kaneda—Akira

Again, it’s not the 80’s; just watch something new.

9) Yugi—Yu-Gi-Oh!

How does that coat stick up at the waist like that? It’s time to d-d-d-d-duct tape!

10) Saya Otonashi—Blood+

After Twilight, vampires needed a good show to regain some pride, so they made a high school drama.

11) Sunabozu—Desert Punk

Kind of a perv, but that helmet is still cool.

12) Sakura Kinomoto—Cardcaptor Sakura

Never has someone so awesome dressed so much like a Hello Kitty doll.

13) Monkey D. Luffy—One Piece

Always respect the guy wearing a vest without a shirt.

14) Clare—Claymore

Is it physically possible to pick up a sword that’s thicker than your arms?

15) Edward Elric—Fullmetal Alchemist

You think the constant topless-ness is bad? Wait until you see the metal arm (hint: papier-mâché. Papier-mâché everywhere).

16) Anyone From Clannad

Sadly, the schoolgirl quota at an anime convention is never really full.

17) InuYasha—InuYasha

Half demon with white hair and red clothes? Dante made it look cool. You did not.

18) Vash the Stampede—Trigun

Pretty sure killers with dual guns do not gel their hair into little spikes

19) Yoko Littner—Gurren Lagann

Beachwear to a gunfight; the anime way.

20) Sena Kobayakawa—Eyeshield 21

Why’s it so easy to hide your identity in anime? It’s a football helmet, not plastic surgery.

21) Haruko Haruhara—FLCL

Bass guitar. Goggles. Scooter. Money-wise, this costume is financial suicide.

22) Sakura Haruno—Naruto

Poor color coordination jutsu: designed to blind the opponent.

23) Gon Freecs—Hunter x Hunter

If you’re short and disgusting, Shin Chan's the way to go.

24) Inga—Un-Go

Pandas are endangered...and you made a hoodie out of their skin.

25) Motoko Kusanagi—Ghost in the Shell

Be warned: she is a cyborg, so you must be in great shape. Like, abnormally great.

PS: All jokes aside, remember that everyone’s just there to have fun so always respect your fellow cosplayers.

So, what are your favorite terrible costumes that you still ended up wearing anyway? Be sure to share in the comments below, and for all your Asian entertainment related goodness, be sure to follow DramaFever and myself on Twitter.