Like convenient stores, vending machines are everywhere in Japan, especially in the city. They're on the streets, on train platforms, and even right outside of convenient stores. They typically sell water, soft drinks and different kinds of coffees and teas. In the winter, they sell hot coffees and teas as well as soup. That's what most of them sell, but here are 25 vending machines that do their own, unexpected thing.

1. Rice (discounted from what you'd otherwise pay for labor cost and delivery)

2. Batteries

3. Crepes! (Chocolate, Chocolate Banana with Whip Cream, Peach, Rare Cheese, etc.)

4. Flowers for your honey

5. A machine full of only green tea (with a message asking you to not litter on your way home)

6. FULLSUPPORTY pantyhose

7. 24 hour eggs

8. Left your glasses at a bar?

9. Cold draft beer! (with a warning right under the coin slot: It is illegal to drink if you are under the age of 20)

10. Pocket-sized books for reading on your commute

11. All kinds of junk food!

12. Liquor

13. Umbrellas for the downpour

14. A machine full of only milk

15. Mineral ice cubes

16. Cars

17. Sushi anytime you want it

18. Fishing bait

19. All flavors of Cup Noodles

20. Ramen in a can

21. Udon and soba noodles

22. A machine in the train for if you forgot to buy a drink on the platform

23. Energy drinks and condoms (two different machines, right next to each other)

24. Fermented soy beans (open only three hours a day)

25. Or you can just use one as a disguise

And the list goes on and on...