As usual Japan has every snack flavor you can ever want including 26 different flavors of Doritos! As a Doritos lover I am beyond intrigued with this list and am seriously wondering if some of these flavors come in a variety pack. You know when you’re standing in the snack aisle trying to decide between cool ranch or regular nacho flavored Doritos? Well, how can you even begin to choose between 26? Now granted some of these look like limited edition flavors, but still, with all those choices you’ll be standing in the grocery aisle for at least a good 20 minutes. Just check out these flavors below!

26. Crispy Salmon

Have you ever eaten those tiny dried shrimp they sell in small pouches? I bet these taste like that.

25. Corn Soup

Um I'm going to guess this just tastes like a regular corn tortilla chip 0_o

24. Heart Shaped

I don't even know what flavor these are, just that they're heart shaped. I guess it'll be a tasty surprise.

23. Seaweed

Nope! Seaweed is so played out as a flavor. I don't even wanna look at these, even if they are in stick form. NEXT!

22. Winter Cheese

Cheese flavored Doritos festively cut into Christmas tree shapes. Imagine having these at a Christmas party! All your Martha Stewart wanna-be friends would be so jealous!

21. Seafood Italiana

This actually sounds so good! I want!

20. Fresh Basil and Smoked Fresh Ham Italiana

Hmm dipped into cream cheese or onion dip would probably be delicious. #Fat

19. Yuzu

I don't even know what a "Yuzu" is but considering there's a giant lemon on the bag, I'm going to take an educated guess and say these are lemon flavored and I would like to eat them.

18. Winter Crab

It just sounds so flavorful #Gimme

17. Garlic

YES! With some salsa please!

16. Teriyaki Chicken

Umm I think I'll pass on this one. What about you?

15. Sesame Chicken

I'm thinking if this actually tastes like the sesame flavor, then it's probably worth trying.

14. Tacos

What if the taco flavor was used for the Doritos taco bell taco? Is this considered taco-ception?

13. Savory Butter

This can turn out either tasting like buttered popcorn, or just a regular salted tortilla chip which is why it's a must try!

12. Steak

I feel like saying no to this because I just cant imagine it.

11. Roe and Mayonnaise

Nope not going there!

10. Fondue

Um -_- Isn't fondue a pot of melted cheese? So therefore these are just cheese Doritos which is what Doritos are?!

9. Fried Chicken

Onew did you know about these?!

8. Butter and Soy Sauce

I would so try this!

7. Cheese and Almond

For when you wanna keep your snacking classy.

6. Salty

Basically plain tortilla chips. #Boring

5. Sausage


4. Tuna Mayo

Tuna and I have never been friends.

3. Wasabi Mayo

I believe anything with Wasabi is good so, yes!

2. Coconut Curry

I wonder if these are sweet tasting hmm.

1. Umm o_0

Please don't ask me what's going on with this because I DON'T KNOW! The taste must be so good that it's sexy.

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE