Lee Jung Jae, who has been defining handsomeness since his debut in 1993 in such shows as Sand Glass, Air City, and Triple, took home the trophy for Best Supporting Actor at the 34th Blue Dragon Awards on Saturday for his performance in Physiognomy. Never mind his incredible acting range and the way he makes love to suit-wearing — one minute he’s the image of detachment, and then the next he’s your one-stop heaven for all the boyish puppy smiles you will ever need to find fulfillment and happiness. I call this true love. Here are 26 of his best.

1. When he received his award.

2. He should get an award for that smile, too.

3. The time he smiled wholesomely at you.

4. The time he was happy with his best friend.

And made us all wish we were (the equally beautiful) Jung Woo Sung.

5. And when Jang Dong Gun gave him a back hug.

6. The time he slapped a fan's arm.

The famous story goes that this fan came up to him and pointed, "Oppa, there's something stuck on your face," to which he replied, "What is it?" She answered, "Handsomeness."

His adorable reaction is priceless.

7. The time he giggled during a photoshoot.

8. The time he read something funny in the newspaper.

9. The time he pranced around at karaoke.

10. The time he presented you with roses.

11. The time he -- ah, just look at him.

12. The time he thought your stupid joke was cute.

13. The time he wore this fuzzy sweater.

14. The time he looked dashing in his tuxedo.

15. The time he burst into laughter during an interview.

16. The time he was positively radiant.

17. When he was in his twenties and utterly adorable.

18. The time he grinned at a staffer and melted her heart.

19. The time he rocked this Mickey Mouse scarf.

Still, it wasn't cuter than him. Impossible.

20. The time his profile was flawless.

21. The time his dimples made you swoon.

22. And swoon.

23. And swoon.

24. The time he mastered the art of laughing freely like a child.

25. The time he saw you in the crowd.

26. When you see him serious and so, so hot but all you can think of is his boyish smile.

Have you fallen completely, helplessly in love yet?