CILF meaning "Chaebol I'd Like to Friend," of course!  These are the reasons why we want to... friend him. 1. This is where he lives. I'll take just one of those rooms on the right, thank you! 2. This is his bathroom. I'd never leave! 3. This is his swimming pool overlooking the city. 4. This is his shopping mall (literally, he owns it). 5. There is a Louis Vuitton inside of  his shopping mall, which means he must own that too! 6. He also owns this gas station. Gas is expensive! 7. He also owns his own cruiseliner ship. You cruise, you win! 8. Here is another view of his ship, next to a regular fishing boat for scale.  Yes, this man has the biggest boat in the ocean. Know what they say about men with big boats? 9. Oh, and did we mention he has his own PRIVATE ISLAND 10. But material things aside, he's hunky. He looks hunky with straight hair... 11. He looks hunky with curly hair... 12. He even looks hunky with frizzy hair! 13. Here he is looking cute in a giant chiffon bow. That's a hard look to pull off, but he is nailing it right now! 14. Here he is looking cute in nothing but a pair of swim trunks. 15. Here he is looking cute in nothing but NOTHING AT ALL ON! 16. HE'S WET. IN THE SHOWER. WET IN THE SHOWER. I can't breathe. 17. But good looks aside, he has a golden heart. Here, he beats up bad guys for his woman. Pow! 18. He rescues damsels in distress from bullies. It gets better! 19. And he's still gentle!! Look how good he is with little kids! 20.How lovingly he gazes at the child. You just know he'd be a great dad... 21. He's also very skilled. Perfect aim! 22. He's so popular too.  Look at his gorgeous friends! 23. And look at him eat! 24. Look at him eat raw ramen! 25. LOOK AT HIM EAT FISHCAKE ON A STICK. So many feels right now. 26. JUST LOOK AT HIM 27. Yes, he's THE hottest. I'm glad you agree!