It's Lee Min Ho's 28th birthday today (29 in Korean age), and what better way to celebrate than by gazing upon 28 ridiculously adorable Lee Min Ho moments?

1.  Who can resist the classic lip bite-turned-smile of Lee Min Ho?

2. Or this ridiculously adorable squinty-eyed smile?

3. His romantic gaze will surely sweep you off your feet!

4. And it that doesn't do the trick, his lip-biting gaze will.

5. Can't you imagine spending a perfect breezy day at the beach with him like in Boys Over Flowers?

6. His adorable banana milk dance shows that he is not afraid to get a little goofy sometimes.

7. Even this little baby couldn't resist a kiss!

8. Ah yes, a much-needed shirtless shower scene from Heirs! Hot! 

9. Even when he plays bratty characters, he's still cute!

10. And it only gets funnier at double speed! 

11. Wouldn't your heart melt if he waved and smiled at you like this like in Personal Taste?

12. I'll have whatever he's having! 


13. This moment in Faith where he simply sticks out his hand is so sweet.

14. Lee Min Ho's aegyo is always on point! Cuuute!

15. And his little wink and slight smile are captivating. 

16. I could watch this smile on repeat until my computer crashes!

17. And his huge laugh is even more feels-inducing!

18. This moment from City Hunter was so hot even though it was so innocent! 

19. He's so gentles and caring when his love needs him.

20. And his sweet face makes you want to take care of him back.

21. This classic sassy Lee Min Ho look is somehow so attractive!

22. And how is it even possible to combine so perfectly a shh, smile, and wink? The ladies don't stand a chance! 

23. Imagine waking up to finding Lee Min ho brushing his teeth in your shower! Best morning ever! 

24. Awwwwww

25. Sexy awwww

26. Whoa, the gaze is too strong with this one! 

27. It's even so cute when he's pouty!

28. Happy Birthday to you, Lee Min Ho Oppa! 

We can't wait to see what amazing things this year brings to you! 

Celebrate Lee Min Ho's birthday by watching him in Heirs: