The world has officially been blessed with Kim Soo Hyun's existence for 28 years now, and to celebrate, let's enjoy the real reason we all love him — his cute and sexy facial expressions! Here are 28 GIFs demonstrating his very finest! 

1. Oooh yeah! How could anyone resist that sexy come hither? 

2. And that body rolling head twirl leaves the ladies all aflutter! 

3. You can't tell me this cheesy bobble-headed grin doesn't put a smile on your face! 

4. And oh the sexy, smexy dance moves! 

5. This kiss is the stuff dreams are made of! 

6. I want to be that pizza...

7. He's even adorable when facing rejection!

8. Why does this keep happening? I would be all over that! 

9. Mercy me, that tongue! 

10. How can someone be so goofy one minute and so hot the next? 

11. Even nerd looks good on Kim Soo Hyun!

12. Thank the heavens for those luscious lips!

13. Not sure what's going on here, but still cute! 

14. Aww, I want to make Kim Soo Hyun laugh! 

15. Can I pinch his cheeks just once? 

16. Delicious! 

17. Don't even try to hide how ridiculously good looking you are! 

18. Me every time I find out Kim Soo Hyun has a new drama:


20. Just going about his business making 1 million fangirls have nose bleeds. 

21. Oh, these sexy lips? You noticed?  

22. I can attest that this is true. My dopamine levels rise every time I see Kim Soo Hyun!

23. Can't. Think. Straight. 

24.What country do I have to save so I can get stuck on a plane next to him in the next life? 

25. Whelp, I've turned you into a puddle. Nothing left to do here!

26. Please, K-drama gods, let me feed him just once!

27. Imagine the adorable babies you could have with this squishy face: 

28. One, two, three...make the fan girls faint! 

Happy birthday, Kim Soo Hyun! We look forward to more of your ridiculously adorable expressions to come! Which of these Kim Soo Hyun GIFs were your favorites? Comment below!