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2NE1’s leader CL talked about her childhood in the interview with Naver’s Star Column. Because of her professor father, since she was little, CL had to move between Korea and Japan often. And since she was young, she had a keen interest in dancing and ever since she started training at YG, her passion was at its peak:

“I was being trained for a little less than 2 and a half years at YG. I went to YG studio to practice everyday. I even showed up on holidays, because I didn’t have places to go otherwise. My family weren’t living in Korea back then, and even when they came here, I was so into practice that I didn’t get to seem them. I was just so excited about being exposed to and learning new music. I would stay in practice room all day and go home only when I need to sleep.”

However, her passion for music and dance was always accompanied by loneliness:

“I showed up even on New Year’s day because I had nothing else to do. Yang Hyun Suk (the founder of YG Entertainment) called me and asked me what I’m doing. So I said I’m just listening to music. He told me to come over, so I did and he ordered a bowl of jajangmyeon [black noodle dish] for me. He spends the New Year at clubs but he ordered the food for me before heading to the club.”
Fortunately, it looks like all the hard work really paid off!