W Korea’s January 2016 issue is looking mighty fierce with CL and her baby sister, Harin, posing for the magazine’s first issue of the New Year.

The photoshoot was quite memorable as this was the sisters' first photoshoot together. Not only that, this was Harin’s first photoshoot of this caliber. CL’s older sister instincts kicked in with worry due to it being her sister’s first high profile photoshoot, but those feelings were quickly quelled as she saw that her baby sister had fun on the set. Even though CL and Harin have lived apart for 10 years due to work and school, CL affectionately calls Harin her best friend. It is heartwarming to see the distance and time apart have not affected them!

This issue is available for purchase as of December 20. It includes a full interview with CL regarding her upcoming official American debut and recent hit “Hello Bitches.”

Check out the beautiful results of this witch-themed pictorial below.

CL posted a behind-the-scenes teaser photo on her Instagram on December 19, hinting at the witchcraft theme.

On that same day, Harin posted on her Instagram a personal picture of her W Korea magazine look, thanking her older sister for the amazing memory.

What Korean siblings would you like to see do a photoshoot together next?

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