CL is almost ready to make a big splash in the American music market!

2NE1's fearless leader has finally finished recording her debut solo album and plans to film her American and Korean music videos this month, according to media reports. Rumors claim that even her devoted South Korean agency's CEO, Yang Hyun Suk, has a positive outlook about her upcoming project. Scooter Braun's SB Projects has cheered CL on since they first started the process on her international debut. So, we can assume they are very pleased with the outcome so far.

Her beloved Blackjacks can start anticipating new tunes from the "I Am The Best" singer as early as September. The wait has been tough for fans who highly anticipated the full-length album to be released in stores in the Spring. The idol's "Doctor Pepper" single dropped in May, but news about the solo album was still a mystery until today. The Fall season can't come soon enough for music lovers!

Are you ready to see CL on the world's stage? 

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