On May 28th, the much rumored but until now unconfirmed solo project from 2NE1's CL will finally take shape. While it's been confirmed that her single will drop on May 28th, it's unknown whether this will usher in an entire new album or if this will simply be a one-off. She originally told Billboard back in February that 2NE1 would release a new album in April (yep, that never happened) and then she'd begin work on a solo project, but it seems plans have changed. She had this to say about her upcoming plans: "I was looking back and thinking, 'I want to have something personal for me. With 2NE1, it's not personal because it's not only about me; it's about all the members. We're more about influencing the world. But I have so many things I want to say. I have this other side of me that people didn't meet in 2NE1." Excited for her to fly solo or would you prefer she had followed through on 2NE1 album plans?