2NE1 CL 2NE1 sat down with Billboard Magazine while in NYC attending fashion week and opened up about the group's future as well as her imminent solo outing. During her time in the city, she attended friend Jeremy Scott's much-talked-about runway show, snapping pictures with famed photographic legend Terry Richardson and up-and-coming hip-hop star (and fashion showman!) A$AP Rocky. She sat down with Billboard to set the record straight on a number of items, one of which included a promised new album that never came to be. She said: “Last year, we were actually planning to have an album out and we had recorded some songs. But it didn’t happen because of our tour. We had to go on a tour and we had a deadline for if we wanted an album. But it’s just...we couldn’t make it.” But this is all water under the bridge, as she promises a new 2NE1 album in April and assures us that it will stay true to the band's signature form, which she describes as "fun, crazy, different." She promises a solo album out by the year's end, something that will allow her the chance to express herself independent from the group. She ends on a note of empowerment, offering: “I want to represent Asian women. I want to break that typical Asian female stereotype. There’s this standard where they’re all calm,” she says excitedly. “I want to break that. I want to tell the world that there are some badass Asian female girls and that we can be cool. That we’re nothing different. I want to break that standard and stand up for all the girls.” Is there any denying CL's badass-ness?