Baby-faced Minzy is all grown up! The 21-year-old 2NE1 member surprised her fans (aka Blackjacks) with stunning Instagram selfies of herself having dinner with a YG Entertainment dancer. The photo and short video clip show a completely dolled up idol with lovely golden tresses. The elegant gold headband completed her goddess look. The "I Am The Best " singer's brief caption for the first photo was, "Hello, did you miss me?" while the video message announced it was "dinner time" with the dancer.

Click Here to view her cute video clip.

Blackjacks are in awe by how gorgeous Minzy grew up to be. Some didn't even recognize her because she didn't look like the chubby-cheeked cutie they once knew. Nonetheless, Minzy is trying out new make-up and hair color in her 20s, and it looks great on her. What do you think of Minzy's makeover? 

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