Beautiful Best Friends Forever! Celebrity friends Taecyeon and Lee Yeon Hee teamed up again for a couple photo shoot in the 148th issue of High Cut magazine. The pair, who played lovers in the 2013 movie Marriage Blue, used their acting skills in the shoot to make the camera believe they were in love.

According to media reports, the Who Are You actor and the Miss Korea actress appeared to be playful and energetic while they worked. They were all smiles as they sprayed mist on each other and laughed. The stars' chemistry is undeniable in the recently released photos of Lee with her arm around the 2PM member and Taecyeon resting his head in her lap. On the fashion side, they wore casual yet preppy light-colored clothing. 

Media outlets are convinced that these two would make a great pair. I'm a big fan of Taecyeon, but I don't know much about Lee Yeon Hee. 

See Lee Yeon Hee in action in the gripping new historical series Hwajung:

Do you think they should consider dating in real life? 

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