It's been five long years since Jang Wooyoung launched a solo project, and the top star is explaining the reason why. 

Yesterday, the Dream High actor released his second solo EP When Break Up and conducted a promotional interview with TV Report at a cafe in Gangnam the same day. The subject of depression came up during his interview. Surprisingly, Woyoung admitted that he struggled with a deadly depression around 5 years ago, so he empathized with the late Kim Jonghyun, and many other celebrities currently suffering. He goes on to explain the steps he took to reclaim his life.

"It (Jonghyun's depression) seemed like my own story. At the time, I wanted to overcome in any way possible. I only thought of the 2PM members. I could've ended it but I thought I couldn't just end it this easily. I held on thinking about how I needed to finish strong. I found a way of my own. I learned to draw, I tried scuba diving, and I relied on hyungs that lived longer than I have. I overcame by reading books and watching documentaries," the 28-year-old revealed.

Wooyoung's story is inspiring. Hopefully, the idol will continue to encourage people of all ages to never give up on life. He seems to be looking forward to a bright future. Wooyoung recently re-signed with JYP Entertainment, while contemplating enlistment for his mandatory military duty in the latter part of this year. Over the past week, he even shared a series of music videos in honor of his latest album. Check out his upbeat video for "Going Going" below:

Do you think his testimony will encourage fellow celebrities? 


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Source: Via/ Image and Video Credits: 2PM's Facebook Page and JYP Entertainment