Did you know that Another Oh Hae Young's Seo Hyun Jin and Jun Hye Bin weren't the producer's first choice lead actresses? There had been three actresses who'd received offers but decided not to star in the addictive K-drama! Scroll down to reveal who they are.

1. Kim Ah Joong

Kim Ah Joong was initially offered to play the ugly Oh Hae Young, which Seo Hyun Jin plays in the drama. Kim declined the offer because she was busy working on the film The King at the time.

2. Park Han Byul

Park Han Byul was offered to play the pretty Oh Hae Young, which Jeon Hye Bin plays. Park had to decline because she had just finished the SBS series I Have A Lover and needed rest!

3. Choi Kang Hee

After Kim Ah Joong turned down the ugly Oh Hae Young role, the producer and crew asked Choi Kang Hee to play it. She too declined after giving it a serious consideration. She had just finished with the MBC series Glamorous Temptation at the time.

Another Oh Hae Young producer Park Ho Shik had said at a press conference that a colleague highly recommended Seo for his role. "'The Three Musketeers' producer highly recommended Seo Hyun Jin. Since then, I've been eyeing to cast her in a drama," Park said.

Did these three actresses lose a fortune for turning down a role in Another Oh Hae Young? How would it have been different if someone other than Seo Hyun Jin or Jeon Hye Bin played Oh Hae Young? Tell us in the comments below!


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