by KrisE
Doesn’t it just annoy you how so many girls want that Flower looking, Idol acting guy? Don’t pretend as if you don’t get the appeal because you totally do. The clothes, the jaw line, the epic hair flip accompanied by the flash of a charming smile; you notice it all don’t you? If you’re reading this post I assume you watch dramas so everything I’m about to say should not be foreign to you. I’ve decided out of the kindness of my heart to create an easy to follow guide to becoming uhh more appealing and Flower Boy-ish. Girls feel free to print this out, email it, tweet it and Facebook it for the guys in your life. So let’s get started!
Step 1 – The Hair Let’s face it, to be more appealing to women and to achieve the look of a ‘Flower Boy’ you need good hair and it all begins with the cut. There are 3 main haircuts you guys should go for starting with Lee Min Ho’s ‘City Hunter’ cut. Everyone loves a sexy side swept bang. It gives an air of mystery and danger plus you still have room to style it with a little flip and what not. The next cut is the Jang Geun Suk ‘You’re Beautiful’ cut. Now this cut is edgy and you have to be really confident to pull it off. This is the Flower Boy/Idol look. Parted to the side with the exaggerated long bang for a slick emo rocker look. However what I love about this style is the fact the sides are cut short so when you comb the front back you now have the sexy intense “I’m too cool for school look”. The last cut which is the most conservative is the Park Ki Wong ‘The Musical’ cut. Basic corporate preppy cut but there’s enough volume to spike and make it messy chic. These cuts are sure to not only make you look cuter but also make your features more prominent and that’s important because as we all know it’s all about the infamous “Jaw Line”
Step 2- The Face If you wanna look the part you have to go the extra mile. Drink lots of water, use skincare products and follow Kim Hyun Joong and Jae Joong’s example by using BB Cream. Not only does it moisturize your skin but it evens out your skin tone and covers up your imperfections. It’s a must have for any Flower Boy! Also keep your eyebrows clean and nicely shaped. You don’t have to go too crazy with the shaping but seriously no one thinks a Uni Brow or bushy Grinch like brows are attractive. Seriously they don’t, so don’t argue.
Step 3- The Clothes There are countless Flower Boy looks to choose from. You could go for Gu Jun Pyo style of fur and flare. The laid back casual blazer and tee style of Heartstrings Lee Shin or you can even wear an obnoxious amount of brightly colored SHINee style clothing. The point is to put actual thought into your attire and wear it with confidence.
Now by following these 3 simple steps I guarantee more female attention and possibly even a fan club and fan chant so go for it!
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