Korean star Jeon Ji Hyun looked fantastic in her role as Cheon Song Yi, the beautiful actress in the hit drama My Love From Another Star. Actually, just before she started filming the drama, some people thought Ms. Jeon looked overweight with puffy cheeks and even a double chin. So what were her secrets to slim down and tone up?

This is how Jeon Ji Hyun looked just a few months before she started filming My Love From Another Star. Even fans were sad to see her so overweight with a puffy face. She had gotten married and was reportedly cooking for her husband a lot and probably ate more as she enjoyed her married life.

So how did she slim down to play Cheon Song Yi, the slender and beautiful actress loved by the 400-year old alien from another star?

Here are the simple secrets that Jeon Ji Hyun did to get herself back into top-notch beautiful shape.

1. Eat with your left hand. (Or eat with the right hand if you are a lefty.)

When you use the hand that you are not familiar with in eating, you may fumble and eat slower, and best of all, eat less. When you eat less, you won't be overloaded with extra calories. Simple logic, and apparently it works!

2. Put on lipstick before eating.

Lipstick can contain many additives that are harmful to your body. When you put on lipstick before you eat, it serves as a reminder to eat carefully and in small quantities without ingesting the lipstick. Just nibble like a marmot. It sounds funny but it works great. You eat less and won't gain weight.

3. Exercise for 20 to 30 minutes every day.

The key word here is persistence. Do you do yoga, walking or jogging? It's actually not too hard as long as you do something aerobic every day and sweat a little.

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So let's take a look at Ms. Jeon's before and after photos and be inspired that we can follow these simple tips.

You know her simple secrets now. Ready to start?