Swipe right to find your Kim Woo Bin!

Seems like online dating is the only real way left to meet people. Think about it! You're on your way to work and see a cute guy on the subway. Of course you accidentally pretend to bump into him and then profusely apologize hoping to eventually kickstart a conversation. While in a different time and era, there are chances you might have had that amazing 2-minute conversation, gone on to exchange numbers, planned date nights all over the city, eventually got engaged, then married and had that beautiful Dog you always wanted but didn't want to clean up after. 

In the current scenario, chances are he's listening to a podcast or playing a game and has totally zoned you and your surreptitious bumps out. That's when you turn to the dark and dingy world of online dating. With so many screens and filters it definitely gets harder making that connect. But the key is to look for subtle hints that seem like you and potential bae are a match made for Instagram. Like for instance an uncontrollable love for K-dramas!! 

Here are 5 MAJOR clues on how to go about finding the man of your dreams to watch Running Man re-runs with:

#1. Profile Photos

This is a biggie! If he's a k-drama fan chances are he might have this favorite actor up on his profile page. So look out for the Kim Woo Bin's, Gong Yoo's or So Ji Sub's! If the idea of dating someone who uses his favorite actor's picture to meet women a bit too creepy, then look out for pictures inspired by his favorite actors. For instance, if he's wearing the iconic Goblin turtle neck with a tweed jacket and forlorn expression in the Californian summer, you know you just struck gold!

#2 Opening Lines

You just got swiped right on (go girl!) and the opening line sounds a lot like something from this video. We have a winner on our hands!

#3 Match Your Interests

Is he into traveling, trying new foods, and learning about new cultures? If yes, we have a winner on our hands! Because even if he's not already into K-dramas, you know you have a pretty good chance of converting him!

#4. Read that Bio!

Look out for cheesy quotes from iconic k-dramas. he's got to have snuck them in somewhere! And if you're into the smart-kind, pick the one who took the time and effort to put together a quote that is a witty mish-mash of all of his favorite k-drama lines. He's your true match!

#5 Scan All Photo Galleries

Do his photos include shots taken at Korean restaurants, cafes, K-pop concerts and karaoke bars? It's a Match! 

If you still don't find your boo on Tinder, just live your best life on DramaFever. You're bound to be swiped right on at some point!


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