Are you one of those who think Suzy looks like Park Shin Hye or still foolishly wish Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye will somehow end up together? 

With the shocking news of Lee Min Ho and Suzy dating, we were curious to know what Lee Min Ho’s Heirs partner Park Shin Hye thought of dating and marriage. Scroll down to see what the 25-year-old actress thinks about love!

1. "I don't plan to date in public"

Park Shin Hye doesn't plan to let the public know of her relationship and here's why. 

"I'm not in a relationship now but I've dated before. I find it hard to meet a compatible man or maintain relationship. So I don't plan to date in public," she said in a January interview. 

She has similar perspectives on marriage. She said, "I want to announce my marriage right before I have it. It's a good news, but someone might hurt their feelings because of me. Working in this industry, I've seen it happen a lot since I was younger. I hate people around me being criticized in relation to my work."

2. "I find it hard to date more than a year"

Park Shin Hye's never dated more than a year because of her hectic work schedule.

"I can't keep a relationship over a year," she said, "It's hard because my job requires me to focus on one thing. Relationship requires two people's endeavor and time, and sometimes it becomes the hardest thing for each other."

Park Shin Hye explained that her relationships haven't lasted long because "When I start working on a project, I can't focus on other things, even things like calling my family."

3."I want to marry after 30"

Park Shin Hye wants to marry around 31, but she used to want to marry earlier.

"When I was younger I wanted to marry early, like at 23," Park Shin Hye said, "Year by year I found things I wanted to do, and the thought of marriage disappeared."

Park Shin Hye added, "But I don't want to marry too late. Around 31? I want to marry after traveling alone, meeting numerous people and experiencing a variety of things, and when I'm certain I can be responsible of myself."

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In related news, Park Shin Hye attended an event hosted by Viki Apr. 9, 2015, taking pictures with fans and signing autographs. She models for a Korean casual clothing brand Viki.

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