Happy Chuseok everyone! Chuseok is one of the biggest holidays in Korea because it’s their “Thanksgiving Day.” This is the time when Koreans give thanks to their ancestors and spend time with family, sharing food and good times! This year Chuseok is celebrated September 18th – 20th and what better way to celebrate with everyone than by sharing the cutest photos of our favorite idols and actors wearing traditional Hanboks!?

30. 2AM is so cute! Who can resist Jin Woon and his mega eye smile?

29. Oh SHINee why?! Back in their debut days Taemin rocked the bowl cut!

28. Because when you lift anyone wearing a Hanbok up it's automatically cute. But why does Onew look like he's photo bombing with his jazz hands?

27. Let's just consider SHINee the kings of Hanbok photo shoots. So cute with animals and FYI, this was during promotions for Ring Ding Dong. That's the great thing about SHINee - you can always tell when their photos were taken by simply looking at their hairstyles.

26. KARA is giving Hanbok aegyo! Gyuri and Nicole make this photo super cute-tastic!

25. 2PM's Nichkhun is like "Hey guys, yep this is me in a Hanbok."

24. Super cute throwback photo of Super Junior! See Hangeng on the left?! But boo!! Kim Ki Bum isn't in the picture. Plus notice Shindong's bowl cut complete with a tiny ponytail for "apple hair" (-_-)

23. G Dragon is like "Hey, is today Chuseok?"

22. "I guess it is, BOOM! Chuseok Swag!"

21. Kim Hyun Joong + aegyo heart = Vote for Chuseok every day!

20. KHJ looks like he has to go to the bathroom and those pants and shoes make his feet look tiny which in turn makes me laugh.

19. B2ST/BEAST is cute in their Hanboks because Leader Doojoon, Yoseob, Junghyung, and Hyunseung are trying to look "cool" while Kikwang and Dongwoon don't even care and totally aegyo-out! Kikwang's pose! (LOL)

18. Leader Seungho is missing but MBLAQ is so cute with aegyo hearts and eye smiles!

17. Lee Min Ho looks adorable and he has embroidered flowers in the middle of his chest!

16. Goo Hara and Taecyeon giving massive aegyo even though Taec looks more like an Arabian prince for some reason (o_0)

15. B.A.P's Young Jae is cute and kinky in his Hanbok. Yes, bite that ribbon. ^_^

14. Rain looks adorable and comes with presents for all!

13. SS501's Jungmin will always be cute no matter what because of his beautiful horse-like features and smile. His Hanbok is just as beautiful!

12. INFINITE's Dongwoo and Sungjong are the poster children for "Teens in Hanboks."

11. Yoochun looks luxurious in his hanbok and just check out that big smile!

10. Girls Generation's Sunny looks stunning and cute all at the same time in her Hanbok!

9. Joo Won is all like "Surprise! It's me!"

8. Chuseok hearts from Joo Won!

7. Song Joong Ki's smile and his cheeks make saying "aww" a natural reaction to this photo.

6. Moon Geun Young puckers up in her Hanbok!

5. Lee Jun Ki and that head piece are so cute together!

4. Gain and Jokwon with a happy eye smile photo.

3. 2NE1's Dara shows off cute hair curls!

2. Park Shin Hye with "puppy eyed aegyo"

1. Park Shin Hye, I dub thee "Queen of Cute Hanbok Photos!"

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE