With only 4 days to go until KCON descends on Los Angeles, it's time to update that playlist! With 10 artists between the two concerts, there is an abundance of songs to choose from, but the task can be a little daunting. To make it easier, I have complied three of my favorite songs from each of the artists to make my "Ultimate KCON 2014 Playlist"!

So here is what made it onto my list:

1-3: Bangtan Boys (BTS) - "Boy In Luv", "N.O", "Just One Day"

4-6: IU - "YOU&I", "The Red Shoes", "Hey" (Rock Version)

7-9: G-Dragon - "CRAYON", "Crooked", "WHO YOU?"

10-12: B1A4 - "Solo Day", "Beautiful Target", "Lonely"

13-15: VIXX - "Only U", "Voodoo Doll", "Eternity"

16-18: Girls' Generation - "Mr. Mr.", "Gee", "Run Devil Run"

19-21: CNBlue - "Can't Stop", "I'm Sorry", "Hey You"

22-24: TEEN TOP - "Rocking", "Miss Right", "박수"

25-27: Jung Joon Young - "Teenager", "The Sense of an Ending", "Spotless Mind"

28-30: SPICA - "You Don't Love Me", "PAINKILLER", "I'll Be There"

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This has been one of the hardest tasks of my k-pop fan life. Being limited to YouTube, coupled with the fact that most of my favorite songs don't have music videos, I made the most accurate list I could. I tried to reflect different types of songs each group/artist put out because many utilize concept changes to release different genres.

So did I get it right? What music videos would you add to my list? Will you be attending KCON for a chance to see your favorites? Let me know all of your thoughts in the comments below or send me a tweet @Hallyu_Tanya! See you at KCON!