letters Be on the look out girls, because a real-life version of Noah from The Notebook really does exist! Above are 365 letters that a soldier sent to his girlfriend while he was serving in the military. Recently on Pann via Nate, a 23-year-old woman uploaded a post saying that she has finally worn her "flower shoes" (which according to Naver means "a woman who had waited for her boyfriend while he was serving in the military for two years"). She first told a story of how she and her boyfriend watched the movie The Notebook before her boyfriend enlisted in the army. After seeing that Noah had written 365 letters, her boyfriend had decided to do the same for her while he was in the military. The girlfriend admitted that she had thought nothing of his promise. But to her surprise—and everyone's—the boyfriend actually wrote 365 letters to his girlfriend (like, seriously!). In the beginning, the letters were decorated with cute little doodling and were written on colorful paper. letters3letters2 But soon, the cute doodles turned into amazing illustrations of all the memories that the couple had shared. letters35 letters33 letters31 letters30 letters29 letters28 letters27 letters26 letters25 letters24 letters23 letters22' letters21 letters20 letters19 letters18 letters17 letters16 letters15 letters14 letters13 letters12 letters11 letters10 letters9 letters8 letters7 letters6 letters5 And finally, the last letter: letters36 I think the guy deserves a Boyfriend of the Century award!!! What do you guys think?