012813hynes A whopping 30,000 counterfeit cigarettes, valued at upwards of 4.5 million bucks, were seized late last week in Brooklyn's Borough Park neighborhood. The investigation has been ongoing for over six months, and finally came to a head with Yin Haun Zhao's arrest. He's accused of Trademark Counterfeiting in the Second Degree and Attempt to Evade or Defeat Cigarette and Tobacco Products Tax. The counterfeited brands included Marlboro and Camel, as well as Chinese brands. In a statement, District Attorney Charles Hynes, pictured above with the counterfeit cigarettes, commented: "As unhealthy as smoking is, smoking counterfeit and bootleg cigarettes is even worse, because there is no way of knowing what chemicals they contain. Selling this poison is also a drain on the state and city economy, because these cigarettes are entirely untaxed."  It's unknown to the public at this time whether more arrests will be made. (Source: www.gothamist.com)