Scarlet Heart is finally here on DramaFever!  It isn't a dream if you woke up and found that the entire series of the most famous Chinese time-travel fantasy romance is now completely available for drama lovers. Also known as Bu Bu Jing Xin (literally Startling by Every Step), the fabulous drama starring Cecilia Liu and Nicky Wu is a must-watch romance for at least these reasons.

1. The amazing story fuses history with a twist on time travel fantasy! If you watch Scarlet Heart for the first time today and feel that you've glimpsed similar plots or characters in some of the other time-travel dramas, it's because Scarlet Heart actually came first.

The adaptation of online writer Tong Hua's groundbreaking time-travel romance, published in 2005 with a very creative story that wove a modern 21st-century girl into Qing Dynastry's royal intrigue that occurred hundreds of years ago, started a huge time-travel wave among Chinese, Taiwanese, and Korean dramas. 

2. Watch how leading stars Cecilia Liu and Nicky Wu turn their on-screen sizzling chemistry into a real-life romance with a happy ending.

Pay attention to how these two stars relate to each other in Scarlet Heart. Although they've said they didn't fall in love until after the drama, avid fans detected their sizzling chemistry long before they went public.

3. The historical background is real with an unsolved mystery to this day. Emperor Kangxi was Qing Dynasty's 4th monarch and longest reigning emperor. He had officially 24 sons and 12 daughters. His succession was marred by in-fighting among his many royal princes. To this day, there is still a mystery that surrounds his disputed will which named his eventual successor.

4. The cast of many handsome princes is a sight to watch. Many of the supporting actors have become leading stars themselves. An example is Lin Geng Xin (14th Prince), who plays the titular hero Zhao Zi Long, opposite Yoona, in new Chinese historical drama God of War: Zhao Zi Long. As well, Han Dong (9th Prince), is now a leading man praised as the most handsome in costume dramas.

Scarlet Heart is so popular that it is being remade into a Korean version. In China, it already has a sequel, Scarlet Heart 2, as well as a movie version. Watching the original fantasy romance will give you a fine preparation to enter the world of Scarlet Heart: Ryeo (aka Moon Lovers), with a stellar cast led by Lee Joon Ki.

Are you ready for the marathon?

~ NancyZdramaland

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