A new Chinese term, "Little Fresh Meats," has risen with the growing popularity of a certain group of leading men in the past few years. It describes the charming young men who are similar to the flower boys ushered in by famous K-dramas such as Boys Over Flowers. What is the criteria for "Little Fresh Meats," and who are the most popular ones now? (Hint: Yang Yang of Love O2O is in this group.) Find out who the others are and where you can get a taste of the power of these stars with boyish charms.

As expected, the prime requirement to be considered a "Little Fresh Meat" is having the physical looks. But it isn't enough to look pretty--the face has to be so impressively good-looking that the owner may even be considered more "beautiful" than a pretty girl. The facial skin is fair and without blemish, and the physique has to be slim, tall, and fit. 

A perfect "Little Fresh Meat" has a cute smile, the kind of smile that brightens your day, but it's also slightly on the shy side to make you want extend a hug. He also possesses a healthy body with just the right muscles and abs but not too much to overwhelm. He is also perfectly groomed with stylish hair and he takes care of his looks.

Last but not the least, he is in the age group of 16 to 28. 

1. Yang Yang, 25, and star of the hit romcom drama Love O2O. Read more about the multi-talented leading man HERE, plus 6 other cute guys in the drama.

2. Lu Han, 26. In 2015, Luhan was chosen by models.com as one of the "5 Faces of China" to represent China's most creative and innovative talents. The EXO alum appears in the romantic comedy movie with a fantasy twist, 20 Once Again.

3. Kris Wu, 26. He is also known as Wu Yifan. The Canadian-Chinese and EXO alum romances Liu Yi Fei from high school through college in So Young 2: Never Gone. Can they rekindle their love when they meet years later?

4. Li Yifeng, 29. Find him in the movie Fall In Love Like a Star, where he plays the idol star who has fireworks and romance with Yang Mi. (Yes, he just turned 29, but he filmed this movie last year when he was STILL a young 28.)

Needless to say, the majority of their fans are female. 

It should be emphasized that these popular stars are multi-talented singer-actors who have also won awards for their performances. For instance, Li Yifeng was recently awarded Best Actor in the Supporting Role for Mr. Six at the Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Awards.

Who else do you think should be in this list?


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