Good news! Both Song Ji Hyo and Byun Yo Han have officially accepted roles in tvN's upcoming series Ex-Girlfriend Club, so we can start envisioning what this romantic comedy might be like. While they're still looking to fill the rest of the roles in the Ex-Girlfriend Club, why don't we imagine our dream cast? 

Ex-Girlfriend Club is about Bang Myung Soo (Misaeng's Byun Yo Han), a webtoon artist who writes a webtoon about his four exes. When his webtoon gets picked up for a movie adaptation, he has to work with  producer Kim Soo Jin (Song Ji Hyo). Bang Myung Soo winds up in trouble when all four of his ex-girlfriends show up in one place.

Now, the plot synopsis so far hasn't clarified if Song Ji Hyo's character is also one of these ex-girlfriends, but in any case, here are four supporting actresses who would be excellent as Byun Yo Han's angry exes:

1. Kim Seul Gi

This one feels like a no-brainer. If you need someone to play a quirky, slightly crazy character, Kim Seul Gi is clearly the best choice. Just think about how she stole the show in both Flower Boy Next Door and Discovery of Romance!

2. Ha Jae Sook

This actress can go from loud and boisterous in Protect the Boss to soulful and sympathetic in Birth of a Beauty. I could totally see her stirring up trouble for our leading man!

Enjoy a lighthearted romantic comedy about a lovesick pushover who tries to win over the girl of his dreams with Fool’s Love:

3. Kim Yoo Ri

Kim Yoo Ri is one of those actresses who always seems to end up playing the nasty second female lead. As we discovered in The Master's Sun, however, she doesn't always have to make you want to strangle her. She has a funny side that we would love to see more.

4. Shin Min Ah

Look, we all know that Shin Min Ah isn't going to be playing second fiddle to anyone in a drama, but the Ex-Girlfriend Club is the perfect chance for a fun little cameo! The fiery and beautiful Shin Min Ah would be a hilarious ex.

Bonus suggestion: Ji Sung as Kill Me, Heal Me's Yo Na

Please? Pretty pretty please?

 If you had your dream cast, who would you put in the Ex-Girlfriend Club? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Ex-Girlfriend Club is currently scheduled to air on tvN in May.