If you’ve always dreamed of a K-Drama piggy back ride, and have wondered which alcoholic drinks could possibly make all your drunken fantasies come true, and are of legal drinking age, then this is the list for you. Through personal experience and research, including countless nights of drinking excursions in Seoul, rest assured that the drinks I recommend will work!

4. Cass Beer

Cass beer is a staple in South Korea and is promoted by hotties like Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin. It has a Corona-esque taste with a nutty-flavored kick at the end. With countless chicken and beer spots in and around Seoul, there will never, ever be a shortage of Cass.

Piggy Back Level- Cass gets the number 4 spot because it’s beer and it usually takes more than 2 bottles to even begin to feel slightly inebriated.

3. Makgeolli

Makgeolli is Korean rice wine and is usually served in small bowls. It has a cloudy white appearance unless flavored with something fruity like strawberry, which I do not suggest because it’s absolutely disgusting! Think flavored cold medicine, eww!

Piggy Back Level- Makgeolli takes the number 3 spot because how effective it will be depends on the type of Makgeolli you consume. My personal favorite is the honey flavored, but its alcohol level is extremely low. Stick with the original unflavored version, and about a bowl and a half shared with someone will get you a little cloudy.

2. Soju

Soju is the clear liquid housed in that green bottle that we have all become very familiar with. When you watch a K-Drama piggy back scene, it is highly likely Soju is the cause of all that delightful messiness. Served up in shot glasses, Soju in my opinion is totally gag-worthy like the taste of rubbing alcohol.

Piggy Back Level- Soju rates in at a 2 because depending on your level of tolerance, 1 or 2 bottles shared with another person could have you forgetting your whole day, and 3 bottles could have you crying on a street corner...hopefully while waiting for the person who's supplying that piggy back!

1. Maehwasu (May-hhwa-sooo)

This lovely gem is Korean plum wine and it’s as delicious and sweet as it looks. Many of my Korean guy friends enjoy it but are also quick to say it’s a “girly” drink because of its pretty appearance. This, just like Soju, is served in shot glasses.

Piggy Back Level- Don’t be fooled by the delicate design and sweet flavor held inside this bottle! Maehwasu is serious stuff and a tad bit stronger than our friend Soju. This is one of those drinks that sneaks up on you! Believe me, you can sit there and happily drink the whole bottle, but try standing up and see what happens. You will definitely need someone to hold on to!

Have any of these drinks led you to a piggy back?!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE