There's a lot to celebrate with the end of the year, especially if you are fans of these actors and singers! The following stars are excepted to finish their military service by the end of December. Oh happy day!

Note: Military service is mandatory for South Korean males between the ages of 18 and 35. Korean military service ranges from 21 to 24 months depending on the branch. Army, Marines, and conscripted policemen serve 21 months, Navy serves 23 months, and Air Force serves 24 months. Public service workers serve from 24 to 36 months.

1. Jaejoong

Return Date: December 30

Jaejoong fans rejoice! After enlisting on March 31, 2015, Jaejoong has served as an active duty solider stationed in the military band division. While in the army, he was still able to release music during his service due to pre-recording a surprise album for his fans. Hopefully we'll see more music and dramas from him very soon!

2. Sungmin

Return Date: December 30

This Super Junior member enlisted March 31, 2015, serving his term in the army in the 17th Division Troop military band. Shortly before enlisting, Sungmin married his wife Kim Sa Eun. She must be so excited to have him back home soon!

3. Shindong

Return Date: December 23

Super Junior fans really do have a lot to celebrate this December - not only is Sungmin returning, but so is Shindong! After his basic training which started on March 24, 2015, he has served in the Third Republic of Korea Army (TROKA) division military band.

4. Choi Jin Hyuk

Original Return Date: December 30

Unfortunately, Choi Jin Hyuk was not able to serve his full enlistment period after suffering a serious knee injury that occurred during his training. Even though he was discharged early on October 16, 2015, he has not taken on any new projects since then and will wait to resume promotions until his official return date. Hopefully he's all recovered and can begin acting again soon!

Are you excited to see these stars return from the army? What other celebrities do you miss who are in the army now? Share your thoughts below!

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